Three of the four cars wrong

Munich, 11 November 2016

In the winter of 'dark' season, it arrives on a properly functioning lighting on the car. Broken or incorrect bulb can confuse and in the worst case even for sheet metal and personal injury. The Automobile Club ADAC has now checks for 6,000 cars in a nationwide"light test" with sometimes shocking results.

72 percent with deficiencies in testing

Of the 6,000 tested vehicles only one third without lack of lighting came out again out of control. 72 percent of the cars had at least an error on the lighting system. 33 percent because of totally wrong set headlight blinded oncoming traffic. Nine percent of the tested vehicle at least a light bulb on the front fell, twelve percent lacked at least a lamp at the rear.

Important: self control

The Automobile Club recommends that you check the lighting systems to their own vehicles at regular intervals even. Often a lamp is not immediately striking, can but particularly in winter weather situations of danger for a self and others are. Also incorrectly set lights is that they see nothing more often cause for accidents, if they allow only a blind at night or so dazzle other road users. Also the Club enters the necessary adjust of the light setting when fully loaded cars for example when it comes to your winter holiday. Many drivers would simply forget or ignore. (mf)