Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI T-Modell

The estate version of Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI Estate in 2007 presented current Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the most successful models of the Daimler Group. Thanks mainly to the popularity of the C 220 CDI Mercedes-Benz climbed after a few years once at number 3 in the German registration statistics. This success has many reasons: In addition to a complete change in appearance, especially in the sting, the new front design and the more sloping rear end in the eye, was the Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI T-model Further development of the four-cylinder diesel engine in the focus of interest. The common-rail four-cylinder engine now develops maximum output of 170 hp with maximum torque of 400 Nm - an increase of about 18 percent over the previous model. Provided with this power boost, the middle-class estate for the sprint from a standstill to 100 km requires only 8.9 seconds, top speed is 224 km / h The standard Agility Control integrated circuit underlines the sporty character of the new C 220 CDI T-model. At the same time fuel consumption to 6.1 liters of diesel per 100 km. Terms of equipment and comfort of the 4.60 m 1.77 m wide and 1.46 m high, Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI Estate at any time with the new C-Class sedan is long, comparable. Thus, the Model T knows to shine especially in the passive and active safety, driving dynamics and handling, but also by its compelling comfort for longer stick. In the trunk of the Mercedes-Benz 220 CDI CT up to 495 liters of cargo can be accommodated by folding down the rear seat divisible, the volume increases to 1,500 liters. In order to transport long items can also swing the backrest of the passenger seat. This also objects with a total length of up to 2.82 m can be stowed away. You want to buy a car? Should you opt for the new Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI Estate or any of its sister models interested in learning more, you can use this vehicle at this new website as needed and purchase cheap online in numerous outfits.

Tech details

Year 2011 2011
Body type Station Wagon Station Wagon
Engine Diesel, 2143cm³, 170HP Diesel, 2143cm³, 170HP
Drive rear rear
Gearbox automatic automatic
Top speed (km/h) 219 219
0 - 100 km/h (s)
8.3 8.3
Seats 5 5
Doors 5 5
Emissions CO2 114g/km Euro 5 CO2 124g/km Euro 5
Consumption (l/100km)
6.3 / 4.3 / 5.1 6.3 / 4.3 / 5.1
Dimensions (mm)
4610 / 1770 / 1460 4610 / 1770 / 1460
Payload 540kg 485l 540kg 485l
Insurance class 18 HF / 25 TK / 24 VK 17 HF / 25 TK / 22 VK