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The Ford Bronco coming back

Dearborn (USA), 19. March 2018 Chief of the Ford Empire since 2017 Jim Hackett, he replaced Mark Fields. Now, Hackett gave the first clues as to how to do it under his leadership with Ford. The Changes...

Presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz X-class, Daimler's first Pickup

Daimler's first Pickup The „first Pickup of a premium manufacturer“ wants to be the new model of Mercedes-Benz: it was announced at the world premiere of the new model – near the Cape...

Luxury SUV is light and noble

New York, 12 February 2017 If you are interested in American luxury SUVs the size of German districts or a career as a rapper, then the term Lincoln should be Navigator familiar you. Almost 20 years ago...

The automotive design and its cross-pollination by the art

Turin (Italy), 31 March 2017 James Dean, the bright colors of pop art by Roy Liechtenstein and lush U.S. cars with much chrome and huge tail fins: these and other aspects the 50s - and 60s Gets a new exhibition...

Heavily inspired

Cologne, 29 February 2016 At the New York Auto Show 2016 (25 March to 3 April) shows Lincoln, what presents itself to the "quiet luxury" brand. With a study that could hardly be louder. Say hello to the...

Quiet luxury giant

New York, March 30, 2015 The Lincoln Continental is one of the biggest names in the US car culture. Used for the first time in 1940, he is the ultimate in luxury, the Ford subsidiary. In this country...

Flying Car Mug

Geneva ( Switzerland ), 25 November 2014 Legendary classic car or flying saucers? In the surrealist photomontages of the Frenchman Renaud Marion the eye of the viewer is challenged. Among his most famous...

Tradition: 25 years Lexus and Infiniti Attack on the Star Fleet

Attack on the Star Fleet They should be the best cars in the world. Perfect luxury sedans who taught all premium manufacturer of Cadillac on Mercedes-Benz to Rolls-Royce to fear. In fact, Lexus and Infiniti...

Driving Report: Range Rover LWB The long-wheelbase version in the test

The long-wheelbase version in the test You want to build not only the best SUV in the world. The new Range Rover, the British also aimed at the established luxury saloons. That you can keep up there...