The Ford Bronco coming back

Dearborn (USA), 19. March 2018

Chief of the Ford Empire since 2017 Jim Hackett, he replaced Mark Fields. Now, Hackett gave the first clues as to how to do it under his leadership with Ford. The Changes will be dramatic: Up to the year 2020 three-quarters of the models are to be replaced. While Ford is focusing on SUVs, and the electrification of the drive.

The Bronco gets a successor

SUVs could be in the year 2020, half of all U.S. car sales, believes Ford. The group, therefore, moves the development of capacity in this area. Among the Top news of the planned Revival of the Bronco. The Information for the new edition of the 1996 phaseout of the all-terrain vehicle are sparse. Ford pulled the blankets from the new car, but including only one additional case came to the fore. So we know so far only that the new Bronco will be similar to the square and angular as the Original. In addition, Ford brings yet another Compact SUV with off-road capabilities on the market – the first teaser picture shows a rather robust Design, that is reminiscent of the Jeep Renegade. Rather than sport model for the road of the Explorer ST, is soon to enter, in addition to the recently introduced Edge ST. In addition, in 2019, to start the new generations of the Escape and Explorer.

Mustang soon as the SUV – and as a Hybrid

Ford also announced something like a five-door Mustang-SUV with electric drive. In addition, the models Escape, Explorer, F-150 and Mustang will be soon also available with hybrid drive is available, depending on the model of the special features. The Mustang Hybrid to have a performance like a V8, while the focus of the F-150 Hybrid is only moderate torque. Since many of today's F-150-customer-generators for electricity generation on the load surface, to receive the hybrid version has a built-in Generator. Only a teaser photo, there is a further car, to a new Shelby GT500 is expected to act.

Advanced Security: Co-Pilot360

To safety-conscious buyers, will Ford absorb in the future is also enhanced assistance systems in the standard equipment. The new "Co-Pilot360 Suite" to include an emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, a Dead-angle, and a cross-traffic warning, lane departure warning, high-beam assistant and a reversing camera. The System will be available in the fall of 2018 in the US-Edge Standard. By 2020, the package should be at 90 percent of the Ford models series. Optionally, there will be a Distance cruise control with Stop-and-Go-assistance and lane-centering as well as a backup wizard, and a multi-collision brake. In the case of Ford's Nobel offshoot of Lincoln's new Aviator is to be expected – he is at the New York Auto Show (30. March to 8. April 2018) revealed. There is also a new Lincoln-SUV, shown, and four more will be coming.(sl)