LeasePlan announces ipo

LeasePlan wants to go to the stock exchange in Amsterdam and Brussels

It is intended that only existing shares will be offered, both to private and institutional investors. The pieces are now in the hands of Lincoln Financing, behind which is a very consortium with among others, pension administrator PGGM. A lot of details, for example the amount of the initial public offering must be picked up, will follow later.

It was founded in 1963, LeasePlan is one of the largest leasing companies in the world, with 1.8 million cars in more than thirty countries. Ceo Tex Gunning sees in a hallway to the fair was a "logical next step" in the development of the company. LeasePlan is using also active on the market for second-hand cars. In addition, runs the company is a savings bank in the Netherlands and Germany.

According to the Award, there is currently clearly a trend whereby motorists to switch from owning a car to drive on a kind of subscription basis. The award emphasizes that LeasePlan in this field to take the lead with both his normal leasetak if it is strong in emerging He speaks of "two large growth markets". Interesting fact is that LeasePlan to say that for 32 years no loss more has written.

It was already known that the company has a stock-market flotation are examined. But when LeasePlan about this and more was known, was the last days will be press speculation. News agency Bloomberg knew even on the basis of a source report that LeasePlan at the ipo would aim at a valuation for the entire company of € 7.5 billion. This allows LeasePlan itself, investors are now still in limbo.