Heavily inspired

Cologne, 29 February 2016

At the New York Auto Show 2016 (25 March to 3 April) shows Lincoln, what presents itself to the "quiet luxury" brand. With a study that could hardly be louder. Say hello to the new Navigator concept, a real full-size SUV, which local candidate the Audi sudden terrifying brutish Q7 or the Mercedes GLS look like. The Navigator concept take its design inspiration from luxury sailing boats and yachts. This is probably also true of its size. He has stairs (!) and gull-wing doors, where none of these rather special features in the series version will make it unfortunately. Anyway check the images in our gallery, because if the Navigator 2017 comes on the market, he will look quite similar to the shown vehicle.

Over 400 HP

Probably also the studies drive has good chances of series. It's a 3.5-liter Twin-Turbo V6 which "more than 400 HP". Lincoln promises also crafty new technologies to make the XXL SUV on different road surfaces and in changing weather conditions still sovereign. Americans not reveal what exactly does that mean. However, they reveal that there are several driving modes, which the Steering, suspension and seriously affect the noise level.

An interior like a castle

Climb the stairs and look into the gigantic Interior (through the huge air door opening that happens quite playful), you see six luxury twin seats that can be adjusted 30-fold. Even better, it has the drivers, whose Super seating also has inflatable leg supports. Whether you believe it or not, but this mega-SUV even has an own wardrobe. Also, screens, who would make very good size technically also in the one or the other living room is located on the back of each seat.

Assistance systems? Very happy!

Of course a Nobel freighters such as the Lincoln has rather thick pants Navigator concept in terms of assistance. There's a collision detector with pedestrian detection and emergency braking, a 360-degree camera with park assist (without being but also really hopelessly lost) as well as an active track holding Wizard, which should probably ensure that you at least every now and then is on only one track. Of course, also this new Navigator is not officially comes to Europe. That's kinda bad already. Even without doors and stairs. (black & white)