Ford China gets new CEO

Ford cuts his Chinese section los of the Asia Pacific branch, where it now is hung up. Ford China is now a standalone department, which is directly a private CEO: Anning Chen.

The Chinese car market is perhaps the most important market in the world, but Ford is performing not as it would like. The brand reorganizes its Chinese division to change that.

Ford China fell to recently under Ford Asia Pacific, but that is no longer the case. Ford China is unconnected business unit which has its own CEO: Anning Chen. The 57-year-old Chen is, among others, CEO of the Chinese Chery Automobile. Ford hopes that the now losgeweekte Ford China is more efficient on the Chinese market targeting. So the company could respond more quickly to changes in the market. Ford intends to, by 2025, fifty new or redesigned models in the Chinese market. Ford says further more models of Ford and Lincoln in the Asian country to want to produce and the company wants to invest in Chinese R&D.; This announces the company is a joint-venture with the Chinese Zotye. That new partnership must be small electric cars are going to build. More about that later.