Presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz X-class, Daimler's first Pickup

Daimler's first Pickup

The „first Pickup of a premium manufacturer“ wants to be the new model of Mercedes-Benz: it was announced at the world premiere of the new model – near the Cape of Good hope. The speech is from the X-class, Smart and Citan, as well as various engines, a further fruit of the collaboration with the Renault-Nissan group. Pickups, there was also a time of the US manufacturers Cadillac and Lincoln and the Volkswagen Amarok with the V6 TDI from Audi may also be Premium aspirations and skills. But it is an important Signum: the star, the Mercedes X-herträgt class is proud to present to you are missing.

Is built the new Pickup in Spain, and on the same Band as the Nissan Navara. This is a Pickup, middle class, low cost, and robustness to the top of the list of properties.

The entry in the Mercedes X-class from the diesel X 200 with 165 PS is not formed, however, in Germany: gasoline engines are maintained in Pickups only on very few markets. Where the Ratio is governed, customers prefer the diesel drive. Therefore, the 163 HP is a strong X 220 d of the entry; in the X ranked 250 d with 190 HP. The self-igniter feature a 2.3 Liter engine, just like the sister model of the Nissan. There is a rear or engageable all-wheel drive and a choice between Six-speed manual or Seven-speed automatic. A permanent all-wheel drive, as he heard in passenger cars and SUV since a long time for the good sound, here only in mid-2018. Then X 350 d comes as a top model with a 258-horsepower V6 Diesel. Only he gets the benefit of the modern age-friendly all-wheel drive variant.

The Mercedes X-class comes in three design and equipment lines: Pure, Progressive and Power. With "Power“ is only meant to be a more extensive standard equipment; the drive is the same. After all, It is the X-class is optionally available with the telematics system, the Comand, and the touch-sensitive surface, the sounds referred to internally as "the Cobra“ in a Pickup rather unusual. What to say of other Details like the automatic transmission selector lever, resting after old fathers custom to a chrome-plated rod. After all, workmanship and materials of love are much fuller and more elaborate than the sister model of Nissan, which is to get from 26 910 Euro.

© Daimler Mercedes-Benz X-class. But the X-class to also set the bar to the top over competitors such as the VW Amarok V6 TDI:


And so this Pickup is priced too: at Least 37 294 Euro must go for an X-class owners when you come in November 2017 on the market. (ampnet/jm)