Flying Car Mug

Geneva ( Switzerland ), 25 November 2014

Legendary classic car or flying saucers? In the surrealist photomontages of the Frenchman Renaud Marion the eye of the viewer is challenged. Among his most famous designs include a Citro├źn DS that seems to float without wheels. Now, Monsieur Marion has set nine other vintage car on his special way in the scene.

airy fantasies

Marion calls this photo series itself " Air Drive ". As a child in the 1980s, today's 39 years old Marion was assumed that all people would control flying cars such as the " Land Speeder " from "Star Wars " in the near future. But it was known until now nothing, so Marion transposed his former fantasies different. The end of 2012 he photographed in Geneva, the first old cars he turned later into floating equipment. Was it then chance finds, Marion got through these first pictures have access to car collectors. They made him a Mercedes 300 SL " Paul O`Shea ", a Lincoln Continental, a Jaguar E-Type, a Mercedes 190 SL, an Aston Martin DB5 and a Porsche 356 available.

Cars as Art

As a suitable environment Renaud Marion chose places without people and recognizable buildings. He chose architecture from the 1970s, whose style he finds retro - futuristic. In order to create the impression of "flying " cars, a digital montage technique was used. Through her wheels and fenders were removed and integrated the vehicles into different backgrounds. The result looks very surreal: If you want to Marion pictures hanging on the wall, can choose from different formats. Nine designs are limited edition in the size 128 x 90 cm with white border and buy three images to 210 x 140 centimeters in size prints. (rh)