Honda CR-V #4

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New Details for the Honda CR-V

Frankfurt, 1. June 2018 The Honda CR-V tells you really what? This is understandable. Meanwhile, on the German market for almost 100 series in the area of SUV and off-road vehicles, because you can lose...

Honda CR-V: he comes to us

Frankfurt/Main, 1. March 2018 With the CR-V Honda is a global success model in the program. After the SUV was already presented in the United States, to present the European Version at the Geneva motor...

New Honda CR-V: Hybrid instead of Diesel

Offenbach, 6. September 2017 Something like this is what is known as a "silent Star": in this country, rather inconspicuous active, Honda CR-V is the SUV considered to be a Bestseller par excellence. In...