Ruf Roadster

RUF Roadster is an open sports car and is produced by the small forge for sports cars in the Bavarian Oberpfaffenhofen based on the Porsche 911th The goldsmith set the RUF Roadster to its lightweight construction and equipping of the convertible sports car with a removable roof center part and a flexible plastic rear window, which extends past the fixed mounted roll bar. The Porsche RUF Roadster is produced in two versions, which differ on the brakes and installed engines : the " base model " of the new RUF Roadster or used a 6-cylinder boxer engine uses 3.8 liter generates an output of 400 hp. From the state of the Porsche RUF Roadster car accelerates in 4.6 seconds to 100 The top speed is reported in this convertible with 295 km / h. The more powerful version of the RUF Roadster is forced ventilated using a turbo charger and give the sports car a big plus in performance : Here, the 6-cylinder engine develops then 560 hp and allows far more than 330 km / h on the highway or better race track to drive. For both sports car a dual clutch transmission and / or all-wheel drive is available as an optional extra. In 2012, the eRUF, a sports car with an electric motor in the RUF Roadster will also be available.