Cadillac SRX Sport Luxury

The five-door crossover Cadillac SRX remains with the drive, the choice of two engines, the 3.6 VVT V6 and the 4.6 V8 VVT (North Star), and the permanent all-wheel drive unchanged. The Cadillac SRX models of the 2006 series now offer a tailgate, whose opening and closing mechanism is provided for a better comfort with an electric drive. The outward appearance of the model year 2006 shape of the Cadillac SRX redesigned alloy wheels with 17 or 18 inch diameter. The Cadillac SRX Sport Luxury also offers standard behind the row of seats in the rear, a new charging system that is integrated with three large compartments in the cargo floor. The Cadillac SRX Sport Luxury eight-cylinder models also receive a chrome roof rails. For a better use of the possibility of extending the payload to 100 kg makes. So that the total weight increases from 2,625 to 2,725 pounds. As new colors for the exterior paint Grey are the Cadillac SRX Radiant Bronze, Blackberry and Infrared Stealth to choose from. For the interior, the Cadillac SRX also provides the color variant cashmere. Search for your SUV at this website. Whether new or used, as a diesel or gasoline engine, you will find the right car.