Quant Q: Better in the river

Vaduz ( Liechtenstein ), February 10, 2015

In 2014, the Nano Flow Cell AG Liechtenstein surprised at the Geneva Motor Show with a racing car with a difference: the quantum E. It should introduce the Nano Flow Cell Technology, a type of energy production and storage, which is also called " flow cell drive ". Such flow cells have been used, among other things, as an emergency power source for mobile stations and as a backup battery for wind turbines. For use in electric cars to the previous systems had a low energy density ?? with the quantum could be different.

New two-speed transmission

The Quant F, the ( 5 to 15 March 2015) debuted at this year's Geneva Motor Show, is a further development of the "E". The four-seater is packed with innovations, this includes a newly developed two-speed automatic transmission. And the Stromflunder should now legendary 300 km / h will be fast. The more advanced F is the quantum of four wheel hub electro motors, which produce a permanent all-wheel drive. At high speed or high acceleration even be able to drive the rear wheels. For this purpose the front axle is disengaged, which then starts to rotate at idle. This should also improve driving stability as a two-stage rear spoiler, which comes at 80 km / h.

Ionic liquids in 250-liter tanks

The drive reached according to the manufacturer briefly 1,090 hp and a maximum voltage rating of 735 volts ?? that is, according to Nunzio La Vecchia, head of development of Nano Flow Cell AG, a massive plus for an electric car. As a current generator serves the mentioned nanoflow Cell: Instead of using hydrogen and oxygen like a conventional fuel cell to operate with two ionic liquids, a is positive, a negative charge. The electrolyte fluids are in two 250-liter tanks in the substructure of the sports car. In the cell, the two fluids as in a normal wet battery are separated by a membrane. Due to the controlled exchange of charges energy for the electric drive of the car is released. The four-seater now manages the manufacturer more than 800 kilometers of range ?? if true, this would be great for an electric car.

Quant Eye

A newly developed monocoque made of carbon with narrower A-pillar gives the 5.25 meter long sedan a more generous interior. Also new are the front lights: In crystals the lights are installed that are backlit and project a "Q" when the headlights are turned on. As the lights now as eyes look with pupils, they are called " quantum e-Yes " ( Quant eyes). When the quantum goes into production, has not yet been announced. However, the Nano Flow Cell AG wants before undergoing yet extensive crash testing in Germany and the US in order to test the safety of the new technology Quant. (HD)