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A Premium SUV with modern operation on the CES 2018

Santa Clara (USA), 3. January 2018 The new brand Byton puts on the biggest electronics fair in the world, CES (Consumer Electronics Show, 9. to 12. January 2018, in Las Vegas), a new electric car. The...

The Special 1 series for China is here

Shenyang (China), 27 February 2016 Already in July 2016 we have reported about it, now it has come: BMW sold in China now a limousine version of the 1 series. We tell you who is behind the model and what...

Special stage for China

Beijing (China), 18 July 2016 Do you want a China car? No? Then check out time here, bringing BMW for the clientele in China on the market. There's a BMW of 1 Series Sedan in the future. It is completely...

Long, longer, China

Beijing (China), 25 April 2016 Mr and Mrs Li have liked him: round 800,000 copies has BMW built by the old X 1, a quarter of which was sold in China and also produced to a large extent. No wonder that...