Special stage for China

Beijing (China), 18 July 2016

Do you want a China car? No? Then check out time here, bringing BMW for the clientele in China on the market. There's a BMW of 1 Series Sedan in the future. It is completely surprising the step not yet in November 2015 the brand on the Guangzhou show an engine near-series study showed.

Manufacturing in China

Much not reveal even limousine BMW currently to the 1er, only in a few months (probably again in Guangzhou) we will learn more. The internally called F52 series is based "on the needs of Chinese customers', production and distribution be carried out exclusively in China. BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., short BBA is responsible for it. Specifically, there are vehicles designed for China at BMW already, think of the long versions of the 3 series and X 1.

Europe and the United States get a set of 2

But why is it gets the rest of the world not in the enjoyment of the 1er sedan? Of course, Germany is no sedan market, but specially the United States would like this 1. In addition, Audi with the A3 sedan has a similar offer in the program. The reason lies under the sheet metal of the settings 1ers: he very probably uses the UKL platform of the X 1 and the compact vans 2 active tourer and Gran tourer. It's front-wheel drive. No bad decision in terms of the space available. But in Europe expect the BMW fans of a compact sedan in front line driving pleasure in the best tradition of the null Zwo and the early 3. For this reason, the brand is working on a 2 Gran Coupé, which is conceptually based on the Mercedes CLA. (rh)