BMW of 5 series long version: XL for China

Shanghai, 19th April 2017

Drive and be driven: while executives in Germany yourself at the wheel gas, Chinese managers can be chauffeured like. Therefore are not uncommon in the realm of the Middle long versions of sedans. BMW, for example presents the new 5 series in a stretched version at the car fair in Shanghai (19-29 April 2017).

13 additional centimeters

Meanwhile third generation is the long 5 series in China at the start. Parallel to the development of the normal 5 series sedan the Chinese subsidiary BMW was brilliance in the design of the XL version with on board. XL is quite appropriate, because the increase in length, which benefit from the space in the rear, is about 13 centimeters. So grows the 5 series at 5.07 meters and the 7 series (5,10 meter) moves up crowd. Why choose the Chinese it is not equal to the upper BMW? In addition to the price, it is also to the hierarchy and the outer appearance. Also not to be forgotten: the buyer of a long 5ers Gets a Chinese car, as the car will be built in Shenyang in the northeast of the country.

Luxury in the second row

What differentiates the 5 series with the symbol "Li" at the rear of the conventional sedan? LED headlights are always standard. An additional horizontal line of the C-pillar to the tail lights emphasizes the length. In particular the structure of the Fund is noteworthy. There are optional comfort seats with individual seat character plus ventilation and electrically adjustable backrest tilt. The Central armrest optional is a removable tablet to control seating and infotainment. This detail is already known from the long version of the 7 series, as well the ability to slide from the rear to the front passenger seat when unoccupied. BMW does not react to the engines, the entry with the strong 252 HP 530i is likely but because diesel on the Chinese car market are irrelevant. (rh)