A Premium SUV with modern operation on the CES 2018

Santa Clara (USA), 3. January 2018

The new brand Byton puts on the biggest electronics fair in the world, CES (Consumer Electronics Show, 9. to 12. January 2018, in Las Vegas), a new electric car. The teaser images show a nobel-equipped SUV with a monster display in the Cockpit.

In the year 2020 with us

The car should come to the end of 2019 on the Chinese market, and a year later also in Europe and in the United States start. At CES, a ready-to-prototype of the SUVs. According to industry rumors, the car should be about as big as a BMW X3. Unlike the exterior, the interior is already detailed images. A huge Display takes up almost the entire width of the dashboard. The driver looks through a seemingly spokes loose Wheel, the two spokes extend behind the Display on another Monitor. Otherwise, the generous leather, and the complete Lack of use covered buttons, a steering column lever or the adjustment wheel. The operation takes place mainly via language, Gestures and the touch function of the monitor. The doors are unlocked when the driver and passenger were identified by the face detection.

Modern Premium Electric Vehicles

Byton puts a accent on the modern operation. This is the Name of the brand, a shortening of "BYTes ON Wheels" (Bytes-on-wheels) to fit. Include the founders and heads of Carsten, Kirchert wide-field and Daniel. Both come from BMW, where wide field of view of the father of the i8 was and Kirchert, the Joint Venture BMW Brilliance in China. The two were also behind the 2016 founded Future Mobility, from the no longer. Your new Baby, the electric brand Byton, was launched in the autumn of 2017. They brought in more experts from Tesla and Apple on Board. The headquarters is located in Nanjing, China, in addition, there is a development center for design studies in Munich and in Santa Clara, California. The brand will, without exception, offering Premium electric vehicles with innovative Connectivity and state of the art control.

Also Limousine and Van planned

The SUV should not remain the only vehicle of Byton. Are planned, a sedan and a Van, both of which are based on the same platform. Whether all of these plans become a reality? We will see. Us, the project is a little reminiscent of Faraday's Future, a different Start-up companies, introduced in 2017 at CES, a similar electric-SUV. It should go in 2018 in production, but this is not very likely if reports in the press about the financial problems of the company believes.(sl)