Long, longer, China

Beijing (China), 25 April 2016

Mr and Mrs Li have liked him: round 800,000 copies has BMW built by the old X 1, a quarter of which was sold in China and also produced to a large extent. No wonder that Bayern are showing open to the needs of Chinese customers. And so the long version of the new X is now on the "Auto China" in Beijing (April 29 to May 4 2016) 1.

12 cm more

The dimensions are of course the most important aspect: here it brings China-X 1 to 4.56 meters, an increase of twelve centimeters compared to the normal execution. Due to the extended roof line grows also the height by two centimeters at 1.62 meters. 13 centimeters lengthwise adjustable rear seat, whose Lehne is adjustable in inclination is fitted as standard. This package should benefit in particular of the amount. The boot volume is in normal condition depending on the position of the rear furniture between 465 and 675 liters.

No diesel for China

Also the drive options are fully adapted to the Chinese market: diesel doesn't matter there, so there are only gasoline. A four-cylinder with 231 HP. go's with the 136 PS strong three-cylinder, top ranked At the rear, X is 1 xDrive25Li. There is the small 18Li-Motor only with front-wheel drive and six - speed automatic gearbox. Otherwise, an eight-speed automatic transmission is standard. The long X 1 in the BMW-Brilliance plant in Tiexi, Shenyang is produced. (rh)