Brilliance BC3

The Brilliance BC3 is an automobile of the Chinese Brilliance Group's of the is been first time presented at the Geneva Autosalon 2007. On basis of the BC4 sedan of the car Bauer constructed a Sport Coupe, that is sold for small money as a new car. For the design of the Brilliance BC3 themselves the Italian design forge Pininfarina is distinguished responsible, whose spring guide is entirely clear to recognize in the Brilliance BC3. The 4,50 meter long Brilliance BC3 has as a new car about a complete Interior Features : Ex works the Brilliance BC3 will with ABS Brake System, Climate Control, electrical window lifters, driver - and passenger airbag and the seats delivered with leather reference. Uniquely supports an ESP equipment one seeks in the Brilliance BC3 vain. As the only motorization the Brilliance is equipped BC3 new cars with a four cylinder-Otto motor. This Benziner comes from a development made ​​of German home and offers a engine capacity of 1.8 - liters on. About a forced ventilation with a exhaust gas turbocharger the powerplant developed 170 hp and lets the Sport Coupe on a top speed of 210 km / h run. From the prior the Brilliance accelerates BC3 Used cars within of 9.7 seconds to a speed 100th Unfortunately The exhaust gas behavior of the Chinese people meets only the EURO4 - norm. Optional can the Brilliance be BC3 completes order Sunroof, side airbags and 18-inch large light metal rims.