BMW and MONTBLANC are in

Munich, 20 April 2016

There are people who collect the exclusive cars. And there are people, who collect fine watches or rare fountain pen, certainly in times where you get no interest for his money in the Bank. Because usually, exclusive products in the course of time increase their value.

100 cars, 100 filler

Who would now have one of 100 exclusive pens of the traditional brand Montblanc, must buy a BMW 7 series with individual facilities. Or maybe it better the other way around: who one of 100 BMW 7 of luxurious anniversary series named "BMW individual 7 series the next 100 years" buys, gets a limited, otherwise not commercially available fountain pen of the MONTBLANC company as a noble addition.

Two company cooperate

As you know, BMW celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Mont Blanc is also a traditional company that is over 100 years old, it was founded in 1907. The brand due to the filler called "Masterpiece" is known, now as well as other stationery, high quality watches and leather goods are offered. And as the auto industry with its luxury products also MONTBLANC in Asia is particularly successful. The two companies have now teamed up and created a unique nice offer in the field of luxury products.

Five variants

BMW's 7-series anniversary model is available in five versions with three engines: xDrive as 740Le, 740Le, 750Li, 750Li xDrive and xDrive as a M760Li V12. In plain text: it is for models with or without all-wheel drive only. Motors, the choice between the eight-cylinder 750i, the plug-in hybrid 740e and the top model M760 consists with the twelve-cylinder revised by M GmbH.

Three engines

The 750Li has a 4.4 litre V8 twin turbo engine with 450 HP and a maximum torque of 650 nm. The acceleration from zero to 100 km/h can be completed in 4.7 seconds. The drive of the plug-in hybrid 740Le iPerformance consists of a four cylinder gasoline engine with twin turbo and a synchronous electric motor. The two produce a total system output of 326 hp. The V12 engine equipped also with TwinPower Turbo technology generates a peak 610 HP from a displacement of 6.6 litres It speeds up the M760Li xDrive in 3.7 seconds from zero to 100 km/h.

Two copies for Germany

Who wants to have one of the special models, to bear it. The 100 vehicles are assigned to the markets around the world according to the 7-series sales figures. Germany provided only two copies that are end of 2016 by the two most successful 7 series dealers of the year will be sold. It is clear already that it will be doing to a plug-in hybrids and a M model. China will get for example six models where delivered there expected to only plug-in hybrid, there are five cars for the United States, where the M models are in demand.

Brilliant extra blue

How are the fillers the 7 series in a specific shade of blue held, namely "Centennial blue metallic". This color variation is created for the BMWs in an elaborate painting process and to highlight the shape of the sedans "Outstanding brilliance and intensive deep effect". There are forged, 20-inch individual alloy wheels in the V-spoke design, which are kept in the bicolor design silver-ferric grey. A handmade logo with the words "the next 100 years" adorns the B-pillars, the trim above the glove compartment and the headrests. As additional note on the exclusiveness of the vehicle bears the cover of the Cup holders in the front area of the center console of the inscription "1 of 100".

Individual leather

The special leather striking in the Interior of the individual 7. The equipment carries the designation "BMW individual full leather upholstery Merino fine-grain in smoke and white with accents in black". Perfectly selected raw materials and a gentle processing to ensure a natural, porous structure, through which the leather is breathable. Quilted seat surfaces in Lichen optics as well as hand-braided piping and seams in contrasting round off the special manufacturing process. The ambience is complemented by interior trim in black piano lacquer and a leather steering wheel with Edelholzapplikationen in the same finish.

Filler from the series "masterpiece skeleton"

We come to the fountain pen: the 'Montblanc for BMW Centennial Fountain Pen' carries the design elements of the 7 series. The surface structure of the pen from the series "masterpiece skeleton" resembles the braided look quilting on the 7 seats. The transparent filler elements are also held in Centennial blue metallic. The rhodium-plated nib Au750 gold is equipped with the engraving of the stitching of the seats.

Price: around 200,000 euros

And what does the whole thing? Now, a "normal" BMW 750Li xDrive is for example with 113,000 euros in the price list. The individual equipment fails with around 8,000 euros. We know that the BMW facilities list is pretty long but and the anniversary models have everything in there still so, not to mention the special painting and the fountain pen. Should be expected with 200,000 euros already.

Presentation at BMW classic

The result of the cooperation between BMW and MONTBLANC was presented on the evening of 19 April 2016 in Munich. The historical building of the BMW was the scene classic group, where 100 years ago produced the first aircraft engine of the company, and that only a few years ago again is group owned by the BMW. About 150 invited journalists, VIPs and customers witnessed a special production. Hildegard Wortmann, head of product management led automobile and aftersales for BMW, and Jérôme Lambert, CEO of Montblanc, the eagerly anticipated revelation moment. The following presentation by Karim Habib, head of BMW design automobiles, and Zaim Kamal, Creative Director at Montblanc, and whose stimulating conversation about current design trends were the highlight of the evening. (ph)