You can rent the entire bus Flixbus

You can rent Flixbus

Private groups, clubs or companies can immediately book a bus ride to the own request conditions with Flixbus. In this way, the ride even on its own doorstep can begin. Without intermediate stops, regardless of the schedules of the rented bus then to your desired destination. This Flixbus has established the booking platform Online immediately calculated an estimate in which all cost factors (toll, VAT, accommodation costs of etc. of the driver) are taken.

With the offer "Flixbus rent" is also an EM excursion to one of the great fan miles of in Germany or directly to the venues in France, a 52-member group, who want on 10 June from Düsseldorf to the opening match in Paris (and back again the next day), comes with a duration of six hours and 45 minutes on a price of 37,44 euro per person. (ampnet/jri)