VW Samba: Rarity under the hammer

Silverstone (UK), January 22, 2015

This VW T1 Samba was the first of its kind in the UK. And experts believe that he is the last survivor. On 21 and 22 February, the unique VW Silverstone Auctions to Stoneleigh Park ( Warwickshire ) is auctioned. The experts are hoping for a return of up to 97,000 euros converted. This is no exaggeration: In August 2014 joined a flawless Samba copy from 1966 in the American Monterey for the equivalent of 95,000 euros to the owner.

Single import a dealer

Behind the Samba now offered puts an interesting story. The right arm was built at the VW plant in Wolfsburg and came on 21 November 1955 as a new car in the UK. Had ordered him John Colborne - Baber, the first VW dealers in the UK. He and his family used the bus for many years as a private camping car. Since the Samba bus in the UK was not officially sold by VW, there must have been on the island not too many additional copies.

Restored and optimized

In 1992, the car, the first approval number " SGP 62 " still bears, discovered in a warehouse. In the course of one and a half years, the recreational vehicle has been largely restored to its original condition, with some concessions to modern comfort and safety requirements. So the car has got a two-liter twin carburettor engine, a dual-circuit brake system, an independent rear suspension and a fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment. Also, turn signals front and rear ?? but the original Winker still working ?? and seat belts. In addition, there is a hidden fuel gauge, an iPhone connector in the ashtray and a 12-volt electrical system with outlets.

Refrigerator and stove of yesteryear

The interior has been tailored to a historical model are equipped with such devices, as they had already used the family Colborne - Baber when traveling. These include a " Osokool "-Fridge and a " Dudley " cooker, raised as originals. That everything is in order, was confirmed by experts: The vehicle has received a certificate of authenticity from the Foundation Automotive Museum Volkswagen. And John Colborne - Baber son puts in a personal letter in which he talks about the car and its restoration. (HD)