For independent comfort lovers

Stuttgart, July 9, 2014

The war was over, the boom came and the company wanted the labor-intensive week behind, preferably in nature. Who tent and backpack but was too much of a good thing, for the VW offered from 1950 to T1 in the Westfalia outfit. A recreational vehicle, with the weekend was spent with little compromise on the comfort outdoors. Younger campers have always been a good compromise for people who have a vacation vehicle with living way want, but at the same time appreciate the performance of a car. The Mercedes Marco Polo, named appropriately after traveling explorers and adventurers who goes into this segment now in the next generation of models.

V-classes - based

The Marco Polo is based on the body of the new V-Class and was developed by Westfalia Camper Van. As for his equipment, the current Swabia camper has more in common with a five-star hotel, as with the former Westfalia VW T1.

Electrical helper

For most functions, press a button in the new Marco Polo. The backrest is split and can be adjusted individually electrically on each side. Thus, a single bed or a 2.03 times 1.13 meters large double bed. Also new is that the electro-pneumatic side bolsters in the back seat are filled with air. If the her to the bed, the air escapes and a flat reclining area.

Quadruple Room

Another bed is located under the pop-up roof made ​​of glass fiber reinforced plastic and a bellow of view and waterproof fabric. Also, the pop-up roof can be opened by pressing a button and close. Thus, the Marco Polo is converted to electric quadruple.

Cool and rinse cooking

Cooking and seek you have to do yourself The sink can be filled with fresh water from a 38-gallon tank. The waste water tank holds 40 liters. The kitchen also includes several storage options, a two-burner gas stove and a compressor refrigerator with 40 liters of storage space. It has a cooling capacity of up to minus 20 degrees.

Let there be light

The 180 degree rotating front seats make the living room and the cockpit seating group for all four overnight guests. The entire interior of the Marco Polo is illuminated with LED technology. For more natural experience the luxury vacationer has two camping chairs and a table on board. The dinner can be routed to the outside.

Known range of engines

For the weekend trip or the trip to the nearest supermarket which is available from the well-known V-Class engine range. Three four-cylinder diesel with 136 hp, 163 hp and 190 hp in the top engine bring the explorers and adventurers to travel speed.

Cars instead of trucks

So you do not feel like in a camper with truck character while driving, Mercedes offers all kinds of safety and driver assistance systems. A parking assist, a reversing camera, Lane Keeping and Blind Spot Assist will make the recreational vehicle as clear and suitable for everyday use as a compact car. The standard speed-sensitive power steering is also intended to improve the maneuverability in city traffic, according to Mercedes.

Still no price to market

A price for the Marco Polo calls not Mercedes. The market launch in Germany is 29 July 2014. The current model of leisure V-Class starts at a price of about 55,000 euros. That's not cheap, but comparable with the main competitor, the VW T5 California . (ml )