VW electric Bulli is available in Detroit

Wolfsburg, December 22, 2016

Since the presentation of the concept vehicle VW I.D.. at the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2016 is the abbreviation in connection with networked and all-electric vehicles from Wolfsburg. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (8-22 January 2017), the manufacturer now presents another model of I.D..-family, which will build a bridge to earlier concept cars and a legendary model of VW in its design language.

MEB - modular

The I.D..-study is based, such as the concept of Paris, on the electrification modular "MEB". As the compact car, also the upcoming Detroit concept to can drive automatically. A pressure on the VW logo on the steering wheel is enough to scuttle the tax in the dashboard. Laser scanners, cameras, ultrasonic and radar sensors then detect the traffic environment while the driver can relax or focus on other activities.

T1 bonds the new I.D..

The new study design to commemorate the famous VW T1, Bulli. Earlier concept cars of the Wolfsburg quoted the legendary small bus in their design language. in 2001, VW also showed, for example, the "microbus" in Detroit. 2011 followed the "Budd-E" in Geneva "Bulli" and 2016 at CES in Las Vegas, after all.

Technical details

Technically, we expect great similarities with the first I.D. from Paris by the new study. This is by a 170-HP electric motor driven so that it is exactly as strong as the BMW i3. In the new concept, two electric motors to provide a four-wheel drive with force. The car key is replaced by the Smartphone. With this 'digital key' to open the car and makes him ready to go. At the same time gets the "Volkswagen ID" of the driver from a cloud and who set car according to. The individual profile includes seat - and climate settings, favorite radio station and media playlists, settings of the sound system, contact details of friends and business associates and the configuration of the navigation system. In addition to the new study of a variable inside a typical VW bus just have. (mf)