Mercedes-Benz BLK

The Mercedes-Benz BLK is a small SUV based on the basis of the current B-Class. In the model portfolio of Untert├╝rkheimer the Mercedes-Benz BLK as SUC (Sports Utility Cruiser) is called. With the Mercedes-Benz BLK cars the class below the Mercedes-Benz GLK to be achieved by the segment of the Audi Q3, Range Rover Evoque VW Tiguan or summon a matching competitors. The Broad is seen at the Mercedes-Benz BLK which it has been derived from the B-Class. Also in the interior of the SUV the usual clarity prevails in the interior and facilities of the Mercedes-Benz BLK cars. For driving the SUV known and proven engines of the B-Class to be used. Gasoline engine acts as the 136-hp 200 B, which can be chosen by means of turbo and 193 hp for the Mercedes-Benz BLK. Provisionally used as diesel in the B 180 and B 200 CDI for the SUV used to bring the 109 and 140 hp on the street. The 4MATIC all-wheel drive is optional and available at an additional cost for the stronger units.