The report published in the European market 2009 Nissan Cube made ​​for a " big hello " in the market for small cars. With its asymmetrical design and an almost square format of the Nissan Cube impressed with his exceptional body shape away from the mainstream. The chunky charm of a small car with the SUV a la lobster for years convinced the Japanese, so the Nissan Cube could be home by the end of 2011 in Europe. The nearly 4-foot Nissan Cube is powered by two different engines. You can choose between a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 110 hp and a diesel engine with 1.5 liter displacement and 82 hp. The interior of the Nissan Cube was inspired by the design of the body. Thus, a lounge feeling comes on when driving, which can not arise in a Ford Ka, Toyota iQ or Fiat 500th Front as in the rear, two continuous benches go through the passenger compartment, which is very well implement the accessibility of the small car and raises a living room feel. Tools can be integrated to what the Nissan accessory shelf will bear next to a navigation system or MP3 plant almost everything. Since the Nissan Cube was not well received in Europe disappeared from the model of production. For individualists, a Nissan Cube Used but has the absolute potential to develop into a cult object. Traffic light glances are guaranteed in this quaint small car on every case.