A Mercedes G for the eternity

Detroit (USA), 12. January 2018

How did the world millions of years ago? Tell us the insects that were trapped in amber. Almost similar to the prehistoric level has since 1979 built Mercedes G-class. In the run-up to the Premiere of the latest model at the auto show NAIAS in Detroit (14. to 28. January 2018) provides Mercedes with a special Installation attention.

Monster cube with content

The entrance to Cobo Hall, where the fair takes place, is adorned with a huge amber-colored cube made of 44.4 tons of synthetic resin. In it is included a Mercedes 280 GE 1979. Whether the classic car can be released, remains questionable. It is known, however, how he got in: The production of the 5.50 m long and 3.10 meters high cube lasted for 90 days, per day, it grew by three inches.

The eternal G-d?

Following the NAIAS, the "Cube" for the launch of the new G-class will be seen in other markets. The statement: DNA the G is permanently preserved and passed on from Generation to Generation. Should go in millions of years, still a Mercedes G-model around – we would not be surprised.(rh)