Kia: The new sportiness

Frankfurt / Main, February 20, 2015

Kia brings a number of exciting news with the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015). One is the new GT-Line equipment for the Cee`d trio. This means that the manufacturer agrees with the general trend in the auto industry to combine the look of the sporty top models with weaker motors ?? as with the Audi S-Line packages or Ford Fiesta Sport with the below the ST.

Cold view from icy eyes

The GT-line at Kia uses optically when bred GT, the 204-horsepower muscle-Star, which is available as a three or five-door hatchback. These include four bright LEDs in ice cube shape as daytime running lights produce a cold look. Matching drawn deeper bumpers and a special grille mounted. Rear visit the five-and three-door wider GT bumper, peeping from the right and left of the tailpipes of the exhaust system. The combination Cee`d Sport Wagon gets a twin tailpipes left and a rear diffuser. Distinctive side skirt attachments and LED tail lights are on all three versions to find as well as 17-inch aluminum rims.

Piano lacquer and aluminum pedals

The interior design is based on the original GT. The seats are covered in a gray - white - black combination with gray stitching, in different places, there are "GT-Line " logos. The leather steering wheel with applications in piano lacquer finish and aluminum pedals also come from the GT model. And there's more: Even the aluminum - start button in the dashboard, the center console in the GT-design and chrome surrounds of the air vents are taken from the athletes.

Three-cylinder turbo petrol engine with direct injection

With the GT-Line, the new three-cylinder 1.0 T - GDI holds in standard production. The self-developed turbo engine is the first in a series of engine downsizing engines, which will bring the producers in the European market. Special features as a high-pressure direct injection, a novel cooling system and a integrated into the engine exhaust manifold may be mentioned. This technical trick is to reduce harmful emissions and allow a compact design. The one-liter unit fetches tight 120 bhp and 172 Newton meters to the crankshaft ?? more specifications there later.

New setup for the 1.6 CRDi

Also the 1.6 - liter turbo diesel of the Cee'd has been fine tuned for use in the GT-Line. His power grew from 128 to 133 hp, the maximum force rose from 265 to 285 Newton meters and is now available at lower speed. According to Kia, the new machine need less fuel than its predecessor ?? exact values ‚Äč‚Äčtell the Koreans later.

Seven-shift gearboxes Kia

A further technical delicacy comes with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission ( DCT) in the Cee'd GT Line versions. It can be combined with the 1.6 CRDi and will be available in other Kia models ?? after all, it can handle forces up to 300 Newton meters. The box is also a home-grown out of the house and Kia has been specially tuned for efficiency. Compared to the previous six-speed automatic Sprint value to 100 and the consumption to be better.

Launch in the fourth quarter of 2015

But until the fine novelties are also going to have, we must still wait a little while: The GT Line appears only in the fourth quarter of 2015 to the retailer, shortly before the prices can not be defined. The current GT flagship model is to have the three-door version Pro_Cee`d from 23,190 euros and five-door Cee`d from 24,690 euros . (HD)