Elio Motors closes deal with Roush

In 2009 founded Elio Motors is calling for years that with an efficient driewielertje come come. The trolley had already in 2016 in production should go but it is still there. The American company has now signed a deal with the American Roush, the company that is now a motor for the little Elio' will develop.

Elio Motors is a start-up business whose start-up is not at all a smooth one. Initially would 'the Elio', a tricycle whose emissions are less harmful than the darmgassen of a beef in 2014 go on sale for a price starting at around € 5.200. Later, the marktlancering postponed to 2015, and later promised to Elio Motors that the car really is in 2016 ready for production. Now it is 2018, and the car is still there. Elio Motors let now know that it is an agreement with the American Roush has closed, the parent company of Roush Performance for Elio's three-wheeler petrol engine will develop.

Elio Motors writes in his element with the cooperation. According to the start-up saves the purchase of engines from Roush the bottom line about 120 million dollars of development costs. Information about the by Roush to deliver engines is not released yet, but according to Elio Motors, is the cube more efficient than the power itself in the car wanted to scoop up. The original power source was a 1.0-litre three-cylinder which was coupled to a manual vijfbak. Elio Motors took aim with that powertrain on an average consumption of 2.8 l/100 km. When the car is now exactly ready, it is still not known.

Last year, Elio Motors of the U.s. state of Louisiana fines on his pants twice 272.500 dollar. Once due to not having a manufacturing license, a second for not having a licence for a dealership. From coverage of Arklatex showed that Elio Motors 2016 had ended with $ 120,000 in his pocket and a deficit of a whopping 24 million dollars. Here and there is already some time called Elio Motors is a scam and deception to do. There is even a number of Facebook pages put in to attention to give