DAT-Report 2018: The results

Ostfildern/Berlin, 25. January 2018

The "Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH", abbreviated DAT, is known to collect comprehensive vehicle data and prepare. On the DAT of the VDA, VDIK and ZDK, so the major associations of the German automotive industry, the import shops are involved in your and the Car. Each year, the DAT released a large consumer study, also in 2018. This DAT Report shows how the German car drivers tick.

Still sheer Driving pleasure

And the results are revealing: the Germans have their joy in the car. 85 percent of Car-confirming holder that makes driving a car fun. The average purchase price for a new car was in 2017 for the first time, about 30,000 Euro, namely, in the case of 30.350 Euro. For used cars was invested in the means of 11.250 Euro. Environmental compatibility and consumption are buying as a criteria for new car continues to be important, however, the importance of the optics increases.

Hardly a car owner buys a bar

Also interesting: 23% of new car buyers indicated that the Diesel discussion have influenced their decision. One-fifth have sold their own Diesel Cars for fear of driving bans and loss of value, in addition, the skepticism has grown about the future of diesel fuel. Purchase number one criterion for all car buyers, reliability, then price and Design. At the same time, the number of funding increases: in the Meantime, 64 percent of all new cars run on Rates, and 17 percent leasing vehicles.

Skepticism of the electric car

Only three percent of the registrations showed, according to force travel Federal office (KBA) in the year 2017 of an alternate drive. After all, 24 percent of new car buyers but have pulled such a drive at least in consideration. The main reason is the high price, added to this are concerns due to short-range and lack of charging options. Set the case, it would not glow more, would be for most customers, a Hybrid the first choice, while the pure E-loses car.

Satisfaction with the workshop

Finally, a look at the workshops: 82% of all Car owners are needed to Work in the same workshop. 61 percent of the offers but in the case of a great inspection a detailed dialogue of acceptance. The price-performance ratio is only on seventh place in the reasons for the choice of a particular workshop, the most important factors are location, service and friendliness.(rh)