Zotye SR9 PHEV: Blatant copy

Chengdu (China), 10. August 2017

Where is the largest car-copying machine? In China. Although the wildest of plagiarism-the times are gone now, but some brands employ, apparently, still Designer, the look only in foreign car brochures. So about Zotye: There there is since some time the SR9. Nothing says you? Then take a look at just the pictures. The Porsche Macan is waving at you with the wooden hammer. And Zotye drives his brazen copy yet: Now is the SR9 also comes as a Plug-in Hybrid.

With the Multipla to the success of

Before we dedicate ourselves to the SR9 PHEV closer, we can supply you with a small summary about the brand Zotye: Founded in 2005, produced in license the Daihatsu Terios, but also the Lancia Lybra and Fiat Multipla (Chinese forgive, apparently, an oblique look) with some success. Meanwhile, Zotye builds models, which are not at all subtle, the VW Touareg or the Audi Q3 will be quoted.

Cheaper Macan-Clone

And the SR9, which starts in China at 179.800 Yuan, the equivalent of around 23,000 euros. Much cheaper as an imported Porsche Macan, the Cockpit of the Zotye assumes shamelessly. (Zuffenhausen has already complained, apparently with moderate success.) After all, one has in the case of Zotye, no Diesel problems: The variant with Plug-in Hybrid to combine according to Chinese sources, a two-liter turbo diesel with 190 HP and an electric motor. In just five seconds it goes to 100 kph, up to 80 kilometres of electric range to be in. If you want to know more, a flight to Chengdu: At the local auto show (25. August to 3. September 2017), the Zotye SR9 PHEV officially.(rh)