Your new car, Mr. Bond!

Gaydon (England), December 4, 2014

The end of October 2015, the new James Bond film hits theaters. " Spectre " is the 24th edition of the 007 spectacle and as expected, the bad guys will be the fourth time Daniel Craig on behalf of His Majesty hunt. Bonds worst opponent is Christopher Waltz embodied in the role of villain Blofeld.

Aston Martin in 1963

Another well-known name plays an important role in the new film: Aston Martin. The British car brand was first used in 1963 in " Goldfinger " is used. At that time it was entrusted with a machine gun and oil sprayer upgraded series DB5, the original Bond Sean Connery of intelligence T├╝ftler-"Q". The DB5 was still in other Bond films minor roles and is now considered one of the most famous cars in the world. Correspondingly high revenue was at an auction in 2010: The original vehicle changed hands for the equivalent of 3.35 million euros.

Only ten copies

Over the years, various Aston Martin models raced through the scenes, like the V12 Vanquish in " Die Another Day " or the DBS in "Casino Royale ," the first film with Craig as 007. In " Spectre " continues the Gentlemen's agent has a DB10, an Aston, the do not exist currently so. The vehicle was developed in close collaboration between Aston Martin Chief Designer Marek Reichman with director Sam Mendes and was created specifically for Bond. The DB10 is more than just a unique film car: He also gives an outlook for the future design of the brand. From DB10 ten copies are to be built. Whether these are all burned in the film, is currently not known, nor the exact right ?? ?? even more important the technical highlights of the car. We must willy-nilly, wait until the car 007 "Q " is presented with . (HD)