Yes, that's a LADA!

Buxtehude, 25 July 2016

Let's be honest: unless nothing attracts extremely low prices and the Niva (aka 4 x 4) all-wheel veteran at LADA currently. But that is changing even 2016: In the fourth quarter of the year, the new LADA Vesta to come in this country on the market. He could help the Russian carmaker with completely different eyes see. There are already first details on the technique and equipment of Vesta.

Slightly longer than an Opel Astra

Where is to classify the LADA Vesta? 4.41 meters in length, the notchback sedan ranked sedan (other versions will follow) about the Granta, 4.26 meters long or the Dacia Logan 4.35 meters. It is not available in Germany, but will provide the basis for Vesta. This speaks not only the common wheelbase of 2.63 meters. Some of the Dacia knows also the 1.6 sucking gasoline engine with four cylinders and 106 HP Duster, there there were 105 HP. possible the majority share of Dacia mother Renault at the AvtoVAZ's LADA parent does it all.

Support of Renault

Renault has a plan to bring the LADA vehicles up to date, to make them internationally competitive. Also on the home market, soil should be made good in the design. The Vesta of the plan has gone up in the case: so sleekly looked even a LADA. For a compact sedan, much whistle into the plate of Vesta gets pressed. The X-shape in the sides is even literally, because especially striking.

Solid instead of innovative

We turn to the facts: what does offer the Vesta? How he shows cross built-in suction gasoline, no technology delicacies, but reliable and cheap goods. Reclining rear seats fit 480 litres luggage into the saloon, are included. By comparison, the comparable Fiat Tipo swallows 520 liter sedan. The LADA to 100 km/h to accelerate in 11.8 seconds. As an alternative to the manual five-speed transmission, an automated five-speed box with 20 different switching programs is available. Here is the Sprint time of 12.8 seconds. The peak of 178 km/h is always the same. LADA indicates the consumption of the 1,280-kilogram Vesta with six litres. What can be listed yet? 148 nm of torque, an always standard power steering, independent suspension front and rear axle rear. The load capacity is about 400 kilograms, the towing capacity 900 kilograms.

Unusual luxury

Depending on the equipment rolls of Vesta on tyres in the 15 or 16 inch. A good keyword: Prices LADA not manifests itself yet, probably there will be but an absolute basic version that starts below the key 10,000-euro mark. In the other direction, there are unexpectedly a lot of options: the multimedia system with seven-inch touchscreen is a loan from Dacia. To have also a climate control, Park beeper back, seat heating, a rain sensor, a multifunction steering wheel with cruise control operation and a lumbar support in the driver's seat. In some detail, a Russian note retains the LADA Vesta but: praised be "Frost-proof door locks" and an ignition system that works up to minus 30 degrees. (rh)