Lada Granta

The Lada Granta is a sedan with a notchback and is offered by the Russian producer since the fall of 2011 as a new car. The Lada Granta is the latest development and to the dusty image of the brand lasting change. As the Lada Granta car can be ordered in three versions (Norma, standard and lux). The differences are in the features and power of the engine. The basic unit of all three variants is a comprehensive four-cylinder 1.6-liter petrol engine, which performed with 80, 90 and 98 hp in the Lada Granta his work. In the strongest version of the Lada Granta cars thus creating a top speed of 175 km / h Lt. Russian company should be per 100 kilometers, the average consumption of the sedan to 7.3 liters of premium petrol. In addition to the saloon car with 480 liters of cargo space with a car hatchback is already in the drawer, to be sold to price-conscious shoppers from summer 2012. In particular, the low price for a Lada Granta cars of less than 6,000 euros to convince prospective customers and also inspire buyers of used cars with low prices for Lada Granta.