With the Setra touring

Stuttgart / Solden, July 25, 2014

Bands of international rock, pop and pop scene are often rush a lot and usually have in one night from concert to concert. Thus, it is not too stressful on the tours, it can easily make the stars and starlets in comfortably equipped buses. At exactly these transfers will take care of the Austrian bus operators Artists Delight, which remodels the chassis of a Setra S 411 HD bus traveling to hotels.

18,000 kg to ten meters

" Often we are with the vehicle up to ten weeks on the road traveling ," says CEO Jochen Rödinger, who began his touring service with a double-decker S 228 DT Setra 200 series in 2005. The base of the newest luxury liner, the Setra S 411 HD. In it a V6 diesels works with mighty 408 hp from twelve liters, which is powered by a 445-gallon tank with diesel. This is sufficient to bring the behemoth of over ten meters in length and a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 kg on a cruising speed of 100 km / hr.

Five - star hotel room

The new model he built in a few weeks along with his team on in our own joinery in Sölden. Now the Setra S 411 HD has nine bunks, a shower and a toilet. In the rear of the coach his celebrity passengers in a leather club area with a bar, microwave and TV Concerts reminisce the past and prepare the same time on the next show.

Heavy appendage

Furthermore, the body shop body designed so that among other things, the installation of a special stand - Air conditioning and a trailer hitch 9000 kg tensile force was possible. And Rödinger adding proudly: "In addition to the numerous concert tours of Setra coach is also used with a trailer for Fan - selling products on the international motorsport events. " (ml )