With a prototype up close

Hornbach, May 12, 2015

In the fall of 2015 Opel will unveil the completely redesigned Astra K at the IAA in Frankfurt ( September 17 to 27 ). Thus, the volume model classic goes to 24 million copies sold ?? six Kadett and Astra five - generations ?? in the eleventh round now. Through new design and a huge technical update of Rüsselsheim to move up from fourth place in the compact car sales statistics back to the front. We drove the new already heavily camouflaged prototype as a sample.

Interior and exterior design

The new Astra design remains hidden under a Tarnfolie. Edged the body should be but, even though the typical round Opel - forms remain intact. Also, the entire interior is still imposed with opaque sheets. A first look behind the curtain however revealed already that there will be in future no longer Knöpfchen flood. Among the points processing or ease of use can not say anything yet, because the interior of the prototype was not built on the future standard series.

Matrix LED headlights

The most noticeable changes we were able to experience it at night: the Optional Astra K is in fact no longer lit with bi-xenon headlights, but with matrix - LED headlights. The light system works with eight LEDs per headlamp, light produces a similar brightness and can be hidden if required oncoming or preceding vehicles. The rear lights in LED technology are performed analogously. The surcharge will be based on the current xenon option.

Size and weight reduced

The still current Astra suffers from its size and weight. It so happens that the new compact Opel is shrinking against the general trend. In numbers: The body is 26 mm lower and 49 mm shorter. The wheelbase is shortened by 23 millimeters. Nevertheless grow the interior dimensions and finally it sits comfortably in the rear also. In addition, the newly developed GM vehicle platform D2XX for around 80 kilograms ensures weight loss. The chassis could again facilitate by 50 kilograms, the engineers. All in all, weighs the New depending on equipment 120 to 200 kilograms less than its predecessor.

Three petrol and three diesel

For propulsion there three petrol and three diesel. The entry petrol will be doing that already from the Corsa and the one-liter three-cylinder Adam known engine with 105 hp and replace the 1.6-liter with 115 hp sucker. Stand by a new 1.4 - liter four-cylinder with 145 hp and a 200 hp 1.6 - liter four-cylinder available. The 1.6 - liter diesel engine is probably available in the power ratings 95, 110 and 136 hp. The engines are started, all other units equipped with manual five with six-speed transmissions. A DSG gearbox will not exist in the new Astra. But could find their way in the course of the first model cycle an eight-speed automatic.

More agile and spirited

We leave the theory - part behind us to find out how the changes affect the driving behavior: In short, good to very good! The new Astra finally loses its heaviness. In addition, the Rüsselsheim was expelled its tendency to understeer swings and almost entirely. Even steering, brake and throttle response can be much more precise and direct control. In addition, the new turbo - generators provide from about 2,000 rpm for enhanced driving pleasure emphatically. So the entire car looks much more balanced and defined. The mix between performance and comfort has made a good leap forward and thereby the Astra shake his Schwammig-and complacency.

Prices for launch

Shortly after the premiere at the IAA, the new Astra will roll as a five-door model to the dealers. In December 2015, to begin the first deliveries. A station wagon variant pushes the manufacturer beginning of 2016. after. For targeted sales prices of five-door and station wagon is far nothing yet known . (ml)