Volvo EV-offensive upcoming

While we were in Los Angeles getting acquainted with the new Volvo S60, we pick up immediately was the image of the brand. With the coming SPA2-platform are the electric roads paved.

It seems as though the race to the moon who are in the middle of the previous century took place between the United States and the Soviet Union: the German premium brands compete on the cutting edge to a spot on the winner's podium for electric gadgets. Volvo seems to have in that arena is somewhat aloof, but behind the scenes is no less true, we hear of a well-informed insider during the kennismakingsritten with the new Volvo S60 in California. That the XC40 as a full EV, was already no longer a secret. 2020 is the year that this was created see, confirms our source. In the same year, the new Polestar, internal PS2 called. That is called a notchback, in terms of lines somewhat similar to the Toyota Celica's from the seventies. Other than the current is fully electric. Or the PS2 just like the current Polestar only on a kind of leasebasis to the man, doubts our spokesman: "We look at the extent to which the markets there to ask. Polestar is small and therefore a nice playground for Volvo. If we with Polestar, a wrong estimate is that much less very than with the Volvo.'

In 2022, it is time for the first all-electric XC90, which is an electrical power that is comparable with more than 500 hp gasoline. The S60 that we past few days, reason is the last model that still SPA1 (Scalable Product Architecture) modular platform that in 2015, debuted in the current XC90. SPA2 debuts in the next XC90, and stands out primarily because it is suitable for fully electric and autonomous driving. This can be done with the current while also, but not without the coarse-to cut and vertimmerd should be. SPA2 is much simpler electrically and/or autonomous. Think of mounting points for the seats and dashboard; in a self-propelled configuration should be more flexible and that also applies to the safety devices. Actually, the current CMA (compact modular architecture, where the XC40 is) for that matter all similar to SPA2, says our source.

It is also notable that he says that in the long term, just done with the driecilinders at Volvo. "For the new WLTP measurements appear to be not as efficient. A four-cylinder engine runs more economical. I know that other brands also suffered at this time. Downsizing is a phenomenon that in part was entered under political pressure, but with the new measurements, it appears that what premature. Actually, it is Volvo that is what is most in line with the vision of Mazda."