Understatement? No thanks!

Geneva, 7 March 2017

What a wild dog. Yes, the new Honda Civic type R looks, like the study which anticipated him in autumn 2016 at the Paris Motor Show. For most fans, this is a very good sign. Everyone else must look not so precisely. Or can be as usual in all possible Internet forums about the "offensive" design omit. We now simply just forget the look and come to the technology of the new type R. That is indeed quite.

Now with 320 HP

As suspected, the turbocharged 2.0 liter VTEC four-cylinder is pretty much the same as in the previous. Some tweaking the engine control unit and a new exhaust mean at least 10 HP more, which we now a total of 320 HP and 400 Newton metres are reached. The type R has so ten Horsepower more than a VW Golf R, falls back behind the other all-wheel drive hot all Ford Focus RS, Audi RS but still quite clearly 3 or Mercedes-AMG A-45. However, it was not Honda's target to get into the almost absurd force competition also. The civic type R is a car with front-wheel drive finally. And with a great (if not the best) six speed manual transmission. It is the same as in the previous, but now adds a double-declutching function as in the Porsche 911 R (or a Mini Cooper). People with very talented feet can also disable the feature. An automatic system is still not provided for and, although the type R for the first time in the United States is offered.

Stiff with better rear axle

Of course, this type based on the brand new Honda Civic, which brings various benefits in chassis and suspension with R. Compared to its predecessor, the torsional rigidity 38 percent rises. Also finally moves the rigid rear axle of the old type R on the turbos and make way for an independent multi-link rear suspension that is reinforced with specially developed and extremely rigid Wishbone in the top model. Also, the front suspension was revised to further reduce the front-wheel drive tyipschen drive influences in the steering. Honda speaks of stability and drivability. Also an enlarged wheelbase and a wider track should contribute to this.

More beautiful sound

Another advantage of the new platform is probably somewhat surprising, as we found when the sound show. The new car is better insulated, what the engineers apparently used to improve the exhaust sound of the type R. The theme of sound was yes a case for themselves at the old car, mainly because it had virtually no. The new type R to walking sound quieter and more comfortable, but at the same time make more Nextar sportier driving him. The whole fortunately no fake sound from the speaker.

More driving modes

Where we are just at the comfort: the driving modes were clearly a shortcoming with its predecessor. Well, actually there was only one. He was named R +, sharpened the engine response, makes the Adaptive dampers so tough that the type R on public roads was almost unrunnable. The new type R there again a R +-mode. However it has been this time a comfort and a sport mode it to the page. The spectrum of the new over civic is thus wider than ever before.

Still streitbarere optics

A wider range is good to convince more people of this sports car. The question is whether that will succeed in the new civic type R very special design. Its predecessor was already very intrinsically, the new model but actually succeed at least in our opinion to amplify this effect. After all, a smoother underbody, the large air intakes in the front fenders, a lighter (and still huge) rear wing, as well as the new vortex generators provide for an improved aerodynamic balance at the end of the roof. What the three (!) Exhaust ports provide, is still unclear. At least they stand out.

From summer 2017

And that in Europe in summer 2017. If you order a civic type R now, you probably get it in July or August. The prices are not fixed yet. The predecessor started at 34,500 euro. (black & white)