This car breaks all records

Geneva, 8 March 2017

Would you like a car that easily provides everything so far unprecedented in the shade? There, we had what for you. The Chinese research and development company of Techrules shows the production-ready ren at the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19). On board: up to six engines, turbine and a fighter jet optics.

Look like a jet plane

The design of the ren is inspired by aircraft construction. Depending on the configuration can be mounted up to three poly carbonate capsules one for each passenger. The driver takes place in the middle. Boarding the roof like a fighter jet is lifted and dropped off behind the cockpit. The modular cockpit concept with three pulpits is by Giugiaro and blessed except with a very cool look with a functional active aerodynamics. The laser lights and the 22-inch multi spoke wheels in turbines design round off the picture.

With six electric motors

It is completely crazy, if we take a look at the futuristic carbon dress. The ren is namely not a normal boring Hypercar, but a "turbine recharging electric vehicle". In the top configuration, three turbines in the rear generate current to the six electric motors, two at the front and four at the rear to provide energy. With this technique, it creates the ren on crazy 1,303 PS, 2,340 Newton metres torque and 0-100-value of only 2.5 seconds. The range should be less than 1,200 kilometers.

Also transverse dynamic strong

But not only longitudinal dynamic all records to break the ren. The car was tested at the circuit of Monza and has among other things a multi adjustable motor sport suspension, carbon ceramic brakes and two FIA safety tanks. The curb weight is 1,700 kilograms. There is neither a price nor a plan when the ren series should go. (mf)