The Genesis G70 comes

Namyang (South Korea), 18. September 2017

"I prophesy it to you, the rear-wheel driven sports sedan has experienced a large Revival. Think of my words." Not too long ago, it would have been for this bold statement is probably completely mad. Well, now it is come. More and more manufacturers focus on the for enthusiasts only true drive concept. The Latest Example: The Genesis G70. Genes... what? Oh right right, we Europeans fall here, of course, still completely in the dark, while the Americans will say to you as a matter of course: "that last cry from Hyundai's Nobel daughter!"

Korean 3P

Yes, Hyundai is a luxury now has a brand, plays a very similar game such as Lexus or Infiniti. Within the Genesis portfolio, the G70 is the new entry-level, sits under the limousine G80 and G90, which is a very similar picture as in the case of BMW with the 3 series, 5 series and 7 series. Visually, the new Genesis G70 white like. With a length of 4.69 meters, it is slightly larger than the current 3 series or the Alfa Giulia. Highlights of the monstrous front grill are (generally speaking, the Front looks quite pleasing), the short Overhangs and the wheels. At the rear, the Hyundai seems to ... uh ... to have the Genesis Designer, the wealth of ideas and then suddenly leave. Bad is still different, and fortunately, there seems to also apply to everything that the new G70 under the sheet carries around.

Three engines up to 370 HP

The platform borrows the little Genesis, the Kia Stinger. The same applies to the motors. There is a 2.0-Liter Turbo engine with 252 HP and 460 Newton meters, a 2.2-Liter Turbodiesel engine with 202 HP and 450 Newton meters of torque and a 3.3-Liter Turbo V6 with 370 HP and 520 Newton meters. The latter is aimed at all who are attracted with the Audi S4, the Mercedes-AMG C 43 or BMW M340i. From 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds, top speed is 270 km/h All engine options are emphasized, both with rear-wheel drive or a rear wheel drive.

Performance and luxury

Genesis calls the new G70 is a "Performance-oriented sedan", donated to him, among other things, a Launch Control, Torque Vectoring, a Brembo brake, thick oval tail pipes and a mechanical limited-slip differential. Nevertheless, he should occupy in the comparison with the Kia Stinger rather the luxurious Part. To sera from each other completely cannibalism, after all, can not be in the interest of the group. Therefore, the G70 with more sound insulation and luxury options such as diamond-quilted leather seats. The interior itself looks very European and very high quality. With free-standing Eight-inch infotainment screen and almost Bentley-esk framed buttons and Switches.

Euro-Premiere-probably not before the end of 2019

A station wagon or a coupe, it should be from the Genesis G70, by the way. The third Limo is for the Koreans, the last in the Lineup. The concentration is now mainly new SUVs, as well as the introduction of pure electric and Plug-in Hybrid models, the European premium brands, worldwide sales to recover the shares. This brings us to the launch of the new Genesis G70. It starts for now (and soon) in Korea, the USA and Russia. European car houses, the G70 will not see, just like the Rest of the Genesis-model programme, before the end of 2019.(sw)