The extreme - Veyron for game console

Molsheim, September 2, 2015

Kazunori Yamauchi, the inventor of the famous Gran Turismo game series, had for the sixth part of the game, which appeared in December 2013 in a great idea: Why not ask a few automakers about creating a vehicle specifically for Gran Turismo 6, no rules and subject to full freedom in developing leaves. The idea came to super: Many manufacturers ?? including VW, Mercedes, Nissan, Aston Martin or BMW ?? have been accommodated in their game concept car. Some manufacturers have even transformed as a special treat their vision into a real show car. The next Vision Gran Turismo vehicle is now in the starting blocks. The French luxury brand Bugatti presented at the IAA 2015 ( 17 to 27 September ) in Frankfurt its interpretation of Vision Gran Turismo ?? in 1: 1.

True performance for the virtual world

Basis for the radical racing car, the Bugatti has placed on the wheels, ?? Naturally ?? the Hypercar Veyron. Inspired by motor sport successes the brand from Molsheim in the 20s and 30s of the 19th century the Bugatti classic blue duotone is painted. The motorsport theme was implemented very consistently the concept vehicle and has, according to Bugatti ?? despite the very clear " rules " for Vision Gran Turismo vehicles ?? real performance features. So the vehicle was not created out of pure imagination, but also co-developed by engineers and subjected to real aerodynamic analyzes.

Racing look for the Veyron

Although the racing Veyron has visually far from the production counterpart, can be found in him some Bugatti - typical design features. Most striking is of course the characteristic horseshoe radiator grille, which has always been the front of Bugattis graces. But even the great center fin, which contributes to tail and wings for shaping and over the roof for aerodynamic stability, a tribute to a classic Bugatti is: namely, the Type 57 Atlantic of 1936. More conspicuous are the newly developed eight eye headlamps and the NACA air intake in the roof.

Aerodynamics wherever you look

But that's not all. A wild, rugged front with lots of wings and flaps as well as a giant splinter makes the Veyron Front beautifully aggressive. This then takes place via the air outlets in the front fenders, side skirts on to the giant rear spoiler. This is provided with a tear-off edge, the aerodynamics is not only, but simultaneously also helps the engine breather. Under the rear wing joins the four exhaust tailpipes into the open air, which towers over a wide diffuser. Large-sized Michelin slicks, an emergency stop switch and a fire extinguishing system round off the picture. Generally everything is very reminiscent of the brutal McLaren P1 GTR.

Cuddly - cool racing atmosphere

Also in the interior, which is very spartan but equipped on the other side on the one hand with the highest quality materials, you will feel at the P1 GTR recalls. But what `s: carbon, Alcantara, a steering wheel in F1 style ?? Heart what you want more? Given plenty of toggle switches and a digital display, the next Gran Turismo update may occur . ( mf )