The electric charge is a disgrace

Berlin, 3rd January 2017

What a disgrace: the Bundestag decided In September 2016 the electric premium. 400,000 sponsored cars should be final, it is the Greyhound procedure: first come, first served basis. Now it turns out that the dogs have no desire to run. Now, the competent Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA) announced that 1 January 2017, just times 9.023 requests as of are received.

Most popular are BMW i3 and Renault Zoe

Of the applications, 57 per cent relate to electric cars, the rest on plug-in hybrid. Most popular 1,567 Nos BMW is followed i3, the Renault Zoe (1,575 motions) and the Audi A3 e-tron (1,188 applications). The manufacturers are BMW, Renault and Audi front, four followed by VW as the largest car manufacturer of in Germany only on rank. Most applications were presented in the "rich" Federal States Bavaria (2,232 requests) and Baden-W├╝rttemberg (1,743 applications), where also Audi, BMW and Mercedes have their headquarters. About half of the applicants are individuals, companies are the other half.

High cost and low range

Overall low demand should be the often low range and the high prices of the vehicles due to the charging infrastructure is still insufficient,: A VW powers for example cost 26.900 EUR, while's performance comparable VW up 1.0 TSI already from the electric model is 12.350 euro is more than twice as expensive. This price difference little help then the electric premium and lower travel expenses.

Also, Tesla model S and Hyundai ix35 fuel cell

The buyer's bonus of 4,000 euros for electric cars and 3,000 euros for plug-in hybrid vehicles is financed jointly by the Federal Government and manufacturer. Model S, the BMW i8, or the Audi Q7 e-tron not come beyond 60,000 Euro price like the Tesla's luxury cars to enjoy of the premium. That the base model of the model S (69.019 euro) still supported, is a trick: Tesla has moved some equipment in an extra package so that dropped the new price at 60,000 euros. Also the fact at least 65.450 euro expensive Hyundai ix35 fuel cell fuel cell vehicle can be promoted. In total, the ACFA list of eligible vehicles includes 100 positions, where several equipment are included. So alone the city delivery van is Nissan e-NV200 15 positions. The premium is until June 2019 if the funding pot is not previously empty what but hardly to be expected is granted, if it continues as in the past. (sl)