The cost the US Power sedans

Zurich ( Switzerland ), June 10, 2015

For Cadillac it's really a tough nut. How can one in the country that invented the performance sedan and developed to perfection ( yes, Germany is meant ) calculated score with a performance sedan? As much power at the discounted price? Has in the past only so mediocre works up at all. How are better shows us just the first officially offered in Europe Ford Mustang. The has kept its discount rate, but gained massively in terms of technology and driving dynamics.

CTS - V will cost from 98,500 euros

When it comes to Cadillac boss Johann de Nysschen, is this the recipe for the new BMW M and Mercedes - AMG opponents CTS - V and ATS - V to be: " The V - Series is the best car in this elite class equal or even surpasses it. At the same time it is more affordable. " Where CTS - V and ATS - V are not really much more affordable than their competitors from BMW M or Mercedes AMG. If the CTS - V is coming to Germany in the fall of 2015, he will cost at least 98,500 euros.

Stronger is no

There are then but fully equipped including adaptive Magnetic Ride dampers, a carbon bonnet, Brembo brakes and 19 - inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Oh, and of course there is the strongest drive of the class. The 6.2 - liter supercharged V8 brings it to 649 hp and 855 Newton meters. From zero to 100 km / h concern in 3.7 seconds, top speed is 320 km / h. By comparison, the BMW M5 makes 560 hp and costs a minimum of 104,000 euros, the Mercedes - AMG E 63 packs maximum 585 horsepower, but costs already in the " basic version " with 557 PS 103 709 Euro.

M3 opponents ATS - V comes in summer

Even before the muscle Battleship CTS - V Cadillac throwing the smaller ATS - V across the pond. In this case, however, as a sedan and coupe. Starting in August or September 2015 he will compete with the BMW M3 / M4 and the Mercedes - AMG C63 to the fun-oriented middle-class clientele. On the plus side are a 3.6 - liter twin-turbo V6 with 470 hp and over 600 Nm, 3.9 seconds for the zero - to - 100 - km / h sprint and the excellent Magnetic Ride suspension. The ATS - V will go as a sedan for 74,900 euros over the counter, the coupe costs from 77,500 Euro. By comparison, the M3 starts at 71,800 euros, the C 63 at 76 101 euros.

Finally really good?

Cadillac CTS-V and speaks at ATS - V explicitly of racing direction sportscar. Thanks stiffened bodies and consuming customized trolleys time seems therefore more to be in the bush, as a gigantic amounts of power and mercy whining rear tire. It remains to be seen whether the new Ford Mustang principle rises even with Cadillac. BMW M and Mercedes AMG are hereby forewarned . ( sw )