Sport version starts only in the spring of 2018

Cologne, May 26, 2017

Is it not a little late? Renault wants to first introduce the sport model of Mégane in the spring of 2018. This is the fourth generation of the compact car since March 2016 at dealerships, there the combination since autumn 2016 and also the accompanying van called Scénic started end of 2016. So why the sport model comes not in this spring, but only in the next? We don't know, but have a guess.

Additional lights in the target flag design

Trade fair premiere in the September 2017 at the IAA in Frankfurt has the new R.S.., launch 2018 in the first quarter after all, Renault ever to present images of a camouflaged car. In advance of the Grand Prix of Monaco 2017 Renault's formula 1 driver Nico Hülkenberg presented now the new Mégane R.S.... The most striking feature are the LED auxiliary headlights in the "target flag design", we already by the Clio R.S.. know. Three rectangular lighting elements are offset vertically arranged.

Five instead of three doors

Since there is the current Mégane Coupé period of not more than three door, the new R.S.. will have five doors the pictures show it. Also new is that you now have the choice between manual and dual clutch transmissions (EDC) the old Mégane r.s. there only with manual transmission, the Clio r.s. drives with EDC.

280 HP? 300 HP? Or 350 Horsepower?

Engine Renault does not react yet. According to rumors, the current two-liter turbo will be history. He could be replaced by the 1.8-liter engine of the Alpine A110. It's also a plausible reason to wait until 2018 with the launch because the Alpine starts until end of 2017 (with 252 PS). At the power of R.S.., Renault will go back hardly behind the 273 Horsepower of the old TCe 275. The Peugeot 308 GTi has modest 272 HP as the only competitor, the other competition is already further: the Seat Leon Cupra comes to 300 HP, the Honda Civic type-R to 310 HP, and the Ford Focus RS 350 HP. Is at the top of the compact sports car from summer 2017 of the new Audi RS 3 400 HP (sl).