Snappy lion child

Goodwood ( UK), June 30, 2014

Not every car is at the " GTI " is a VW. Peugeot also has a small biter in the program, who goes by the name 208 GTi. From just 1.6 liters he creates induce respectable 200 hp and 275 Newton meters. The power supply to the lions child to eat breakfast so many compact everyday athletes: 6,8 seconds to 100 and 230 km / h top are a clear message. A 204-hp Kia pro_cee'd `d GT takes almost a second longer to Tempo 100 mark.

300 Newton meters

Now get the 208 GTi an even more muscular brother at its side: the 208 GTi 30th. The special model is to remember that 30 years ago his ancestor was 205 GTi unleashed on the enemy. Its 105 hp left then sounded appreciative whistles in the small-car friends. Almost twice as much now offers the anniversary model: 208 horsepower squeezed the Peugeot 1.6 liter turbo engine from the same time the torque increases to 300 Newton meters.

Deeper, wider

Compared to the 208 GTi, the 30th version is ten millimeters. Fronts also the track by 22 millimeters and the rear by 16 millimeters was widened? which gives a muscular appearance. The chrome trim on the nose and on the mirror housings are replaced with matte black parts, as are colored skirt attachments and fender flares. In the wheel arches rotate 18-inch model, behind the spokes out shimmer red-painted brake calipers. The front brake discs have a diameter of 323 millimeters and 28 millimeters thick.

Two-colored suit

At the rear shine two exhaust pipes, they form the end of the modified exhaust tract and to produce a very focused tone. A special feature is the red-black suit of the car, he recalls the colors of Peugeot concept cars Onyx, 308 R Concept and Exalt. The dark part is executed matt, the red rump contrast glossy lacquered. Alternatively, the car in pearl white and red rugby? two historical GTi colors? be ordered. The interior is black and red design, driver and front passenger are held by specially designed bucket seats. A plaque with the inscription " 208 GTi 30th " is mounted above the ceiling light.

Trimmed on dynamics

Technically, a lot has changed: the specially tuned six-speed manual gearbox and a Torsen limited slip differential come as a donation from the RCZ R. The differential compensates for differences in speed between the drive wheels from. Loses example, the inside wheel traction, more power is sent to the outside wheel. This allows higher cornering speeds and helps to more accurate steering. The steering was just like the ABS and ESP re-tuned and adapted to the operation of the Torsen differential.

6.5 seconds to 100 km

The fact that it says the French dwarf Hurtle seriously, a glance at the stopwatch just 6.5 seconds pass until the Tempo 100 mark, which is the same time it also needs a 220-horsepower VW Golf GTI. A little longer, up to November 2014, it will take until the 208 GTi 30th goes on sale. Previously, he stands in October 2014 again at the Paris Auto Salon in the spotlight. This is probably also the time when the Peugeot reveals more details and reveal the price. About the can currently only speculate. The normal 208 GTi will cost 23,100 euros, the special model may well scratch the 30,000 - euro mark. (HD)