Skoda Vision C As from another planet

As from another planet

The lines as sharp as Seat, the shape as elegant as with Audi, the interior as classy as Bentley and the color so bright as in Lamborghini: No, the study " Vision C " is not a " best of " of the VW Group. The Geneva show piece shows the way for Skoda - in a whole new direction.

Only glimmers the brand logo, then briefly flares the grille on and then the light from the hand-milled crystal rods running to the side in the also made of crystal glass eyelashes under the spotlights - if Skoda chief designer Jozef Kaban his new study " Vision C " awakened, then staged he a small but no less spectacular light show.

Although this is not unusual in design studies. Somehow you have in the bustle of the fair eventually attract a bit of attention. However, from a brand like Skoda one would expect this spectacle just as the toxic green paint, in the Kaban now be unveiled in Geneva showpiece has dipped. Far too sober, too down to earth, the Czech VW subsidiary has been given, as they should so far out of line.

Of course, this is certainly a weighty part of the great success story that Skoda has made the Nobody from the east under the wing of the VW Group 's strongest export brand and the fastest growing subsidiary of VW. But still it is with the elegant restraint over now. Not only the production of the study at the Geneva Motor Show is a well-measured provocation. Also, the car itself is a small affront. Because Kaban unveiled at the show not yet a practical station wagon, not an elegant but stuffy sedan and not the long-awaited SUV above the Yeti. Kaban has actually made ​​the first Skoda Coupe the modern era to the wheels.

And when you hear him or his CEO Winfried Vahland talk about the future of about 4.60 meter long model, then one can not help but to give the impression that it mean the Czechs really serious. Then, the elegant four-door car in the style of Mercedes CLS and BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is not only the stylistic harbinger of the coming Superb, with the design details such as the new, shallower grille, more contoured and up over the fenders engine bonnet or the sharply cut headlights go into production.

© SkodaUnd when you hear him or his CEO Winfried Vahland talk about the future of about 4.60 meter long model, then one can not help but to give the impression that it mean the Czechs really serious.   The four-seater, with its flowing lines and the frameless side windows is good in one or two years as an elegant stopgap between Octavia and Superb. Then Vahland would finally get his " Brandshaper ", the image of model, which the company boss wants so badly. Finally, he has only four years to as promised to push the Skoda sales to 1.5 million units worldwide. Since a little more attention for the successful can not hurt but so far unimpressive VW subsidiary.

Although the car is " by and by a Skoda ", says Kaban. As is true of the clean lines without superfluous decoration as well as for the jewelry items made ​​of crystal glass, with which the designers love to pay homage to the Bohemian craftsmanship in his studies. But at the same time he makes use for the study of many virtues that one might have expected from other Group brands and therefore acts alongside Octavia & Co as from another planet: to the bright green color would a Lamborghini stand, the sharp plate folds approximately along the waistline remember Although the Seat Leon, the interior is not as opulent, but so loving and elegant designed like the Bentley Continental and the silhouette reminds dangerous to the Audi A7. If the times are not in trouble with the big sister.

The longer Kaban talks about his design, the brighter his eyes light up, the wider will be laughter and the more sweeping cut his hands through the air when he traces the few lines of the coupe. He is enthusiastic and wants it the viewer is exactly the same. "Finally, a car for the heart ," the designer, who previously always first on the brain has specifically says: "More than ever before with this car Skoda shows dynamic and elegant. "

For all the passion he has the basic virtues of his brand but not forgotten and not sacrificed on the altar of the function beautiful shape. "Just because you want to drive an emotional car, so no compromises you have to but make ," says Kaban and refers for example to the clear sense of space under the dome-shaped roof, the huge luggage compartment under to above the rear window reaching tailgate or four slender single seats who look sporty and yet comfortable. Or he tells of the rational engine, which is just not a 300 hp six-cylinder engine, but a 1.4 liter four-cylinder with a meager 81 kW/110 hp but with natural gas conversion and C02 emissions of 91 g / km.

And of course, he also talks about the practical details, to which he has thought: It fit again 1.5-liter bottles in the door pockets, in the trunk, there are even more practical hook and under the gas cap of course waiting for the ice scraper, says Kaban. "For even a coupe can be clever. At least when we did it. Otherwise it would not be authentic Skoda. "