Size does not it?

Detroit, July 22, 2014

The pick-up is part of the American cultural understanding and a sense of tradition, just like firearms or fast food. In itself, are pick-ups useful and well planned work animals, but almost every stratum of society now enjoys the sheer size and power of a workhorse. Whether the simple farmer in Texas, or the big city bankers in New York, pick-ups are the most popular work and lifestyle vehicles in the USA.


He can look back on a more than 65-year-old model history and is the best selling pick-up in the United States: The Ford F-150 carries more than 750,000 vehicles sold in 2013, the list of new car registrations of U.S.. For comparison: in Germany, with almost 250,000 new registrations in 2013, the VW Golf is the most popular automobile.

"Mid - Sized " made in USA

In 2015, the General Motors subsidiary GMC brings the next generation of the canyon on the U.S. market and thus rolls the new plan to " mid-size " pick-ups attractive for its U.S. customers to make. " Mid-Size " may perhaps be somewhat misleading for European ideas. With 5.40 meters in length, the new GMC Canyon is indeed 42 inches shorter than its " full-size " Brother Sierra 1500, but still 15 inches longer than the pick-up counterpart of VW called Amarok.

GMC Canyon: downsizing to a North American

It is driven vehicles described by GMC as agile either by a 2.5 - liter four-cylinder or a 3.6 - liter six-cylinder. A V8 is not available for the Series for the first time. Americans want so really rethink and buy pick-up trucks that could be even shorter than five feet below circumstances? Hardly, considering the overall development of the workhorses. The "little ones", like the Ford Ranger or Dodge Dakota were scrapped for lack of success, 2011 and 2012 on the U.S. market. So when the new entry-level engine is smaller, larger in the outer dimensions of the " mid-size " vehicle but still? a full 14 inches in length and 15 centimeters in width.

With little power consumption and strong

While GMC "downsizing" despite becomes larger vehicles touted goes by the way of the Ford F-650 in 2016 in the second generation. When the monster is 5.2 tons distribute up to 7.14 meters in length. Of course it does because there is no 2.5 - liter four-cylinder more. In the largest pick-up of all time either working a 6.7-liter diesel engine with 360 hp or a V10 petrol engine with 6.8 liter displacement and 310 hp. Tradition-conscious U.S. citizens just: little power consumption and strong in the Drive - in, a " medium " Coke (which are in the United States after all, also 0.5 liters) order with cheeseburger and then off to the next shooting. Well then, cheers meal ! (ml )