Seven-seat van with a lot of technology

Cologne, April 2, 2015

The new Mondeo is from February 2015 to the market, the S-Max follows in September. On the same basis also is the Galaxy. So now follow first information and pictures to the third generation of the seven-seater vans. Outwardly, he has not changed much, but the big Ford gets the current grill brand and smaller headlights.

Four diesel and two gasoline turbo

Four diesel and two gasoline turbo engine are available, all with start-stop system. The 2.0-liter diesel afford 120, 150 and 180 hp. In addition, a 2.0 - liter twin-turbo diesel with 210 hp and 450 Newton meters. By a nitric oxide-storing keep the diesel engine is a Euro 6 standard. The two turbocharged gasoline engines meet the limits. Here are a new 1.5-liter with 160 hp and a 2.0 - liter with 240 hp.

Improved ride comfort

The Galaxy gets the same new integral rear axle as Mondeo and S-Max. An automatic leveling rear provide, even when loaded for a sufficient suspension travel. Offered as usual electronic damper. The settings Comfort, Normal and Sport now also have an effect on the steering forces. In addition, the new Adaptivlenkung: In city traffic, it highlights the maneuverability, on country roads agile response in highway driving straight-line stability. Instead of the standard instrumentation Ford offers an optional a ten-inch color display, showing speedometer and tachometer virtual ?? similar to the VW Passat.

Third row by pressing a button foldable

For the first row there are optional leather seats with massage function. At its heart are eleven adjustable, air-cushion. If the doors are opened, the air escapes on the relevant page, to facilitate seating. Electrically adjustable seats with memory function as well as cooling and heating are available. The five rear seats can be folded separately as standard. The third row can even be easily sunk by pressing a button ?? an innovation in the segment. Unlike the VW Sharan Galaxy still has no rear sliding, but normal swing doors. For the first time on offer is a power tailgate that can be opened and closed by movement of the foot under the bumper. The trunk volume divides Ford not to ?? the old model, it was 308 to 2325 liters.

Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimiter considered traffic signs

The technique treats include a special speed governor: He accesses the data of the traffic sign recognition and the Navis to and automatically adjusts the tempo. The anti-collision system Pre-Collision - Assist registered pedestrians and warns the driver when they step on the road. He does not respond, is braked autonomous. There is also adaptive LED headlights with glare-free high beam. The Cross-Traffic Alert warns the driver when reversing out of parking spaces in front Approaching the cross - traffic, and a 180 - degree camera in the front grille improves visibility in poor visibility intersections.

No prices

First side airbags are also available for the second seat row. If license newbies use the car, can be a programmable vehicle key to reduce the speed limit. MyKey also suppresses off the ESP and the adoption of phone calls while driving. With the launch and the prices of the new Galaxy there is no information. So far, the range started at 29,990-euro and 160-hp 1.6 Ecoboost . ( sl)