'Rules inhibit transition to clean vans'

The transition of passenger transport to electric vans threatens spaak, by the European regulations. Warn of RAI Association and the Royal Dutch Transport (KNV).

They point out that thousands of drivers who, for example, children and people who need care transport will not be competent to electric vans to drive.

Those vans are heavier than their counterparts on fossil fuels and therefore, it is busrijbewijs D sure be obliged. European rules determine that for vans up to 3500 kilos not D driver's license is required, but all electric vans on the market, weighing by their batteries, says RAI, and KNV. The organizations bales that the European Commission is not exempt for the passenger, while the next five years, however, an exception is made for the carriage of goods to the transition to electric to boost.

"This decision is in contradiction with the joint commitment to both the climate - if the air pollution problems is to reduce", says chairman Steven van Eijck from the RAI Association.

The trade associations call on minister of Infrastructure and public Works, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen on the question cards in Brussels.