Rough terrain defector

Frankfurt am Main, July 21, 2014

While the base-Related Fiat 500X is still waiting for his first appearance, are accepted orders for in March 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show presented Jeep Renegade immediately. The small utility vehicle expands the range of vehicles from Jeep to a new entry vehicle with seven different drive equipment. The official launch will be on 11 October 2014.

drive equipment

All installed motors have a start-stop function and can be moved 100 kilometers, according to Jeep, with an average consumption of 4.6 to 6.9 liters. The base model comes with a five-speed manual gearbox, front-wheel drive and a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 110 hp. The other two petrol engine with 1.4 liter displacement afford 140 respectively 170 hp. While a front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission is fitted in the 140 - hp gasoline, the 170 - horsepower gasoline engine with four-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic can provide. The smallest diesel develops 120 hp from the Renegade 1.6 liter engine and sends it via a six-speed transmission to the front wheels. The two-liter diesel engine with 140 hp is driven by all four wheels and is available as a manual or automatic vehicle.

Top model " Trailhawk "

The end of the equipment and thus also the price list marks the line " Trailhawk ". The 170 - hp diesel engine with all-wheel drive and nine-speed automatic would be a complete equipment and a range gearing. New standard equipment in all vehicles the traction control modes (Auto, Snow, Sports and Sand / Mud ) comes in the top model to the fifth mode " rock " ( rock ). Subtle changes to the vehicle and set it visually from the other models in the series. The top model will be awarded 31,900 euros merchants.

Everyday street comfort

Nevertheless, the Renegade for the daily traffic and not the permanent road use has been developed. The set of security systems include a collision warning system, a lane departure warning system, a Blind Spot Assist, a cross-traffic alert rear, a reversing camera and six airbags as standard. The 16.5-centimeter navigation and entertainment system can be connected with all major portable media. The passenger compartment is sonicated with an optional 506-watt audio system and subwoofer.

Prices and competitors

The base model with 1.6 - liter petrol engine is available from 19,900 euros. It thus ranks priced above the current competition from Opel and Skoda. The Skoda Yeti and the Opel Mokka both start at a price of 18,990 euros. If you want to have a cheaper off-road racer, should try to make friends with the Dacia Duster, the Nissan Juke or a Lada Taiga. The Nissan Juke is with 15,450 euros to more than 4,000 euros cheaper than the Jeep. The discount SUVs are at 11,250 euros for the Lada and only 10,490 euros for the Dacia . (ml )